Farm Services

farmpicsOur farm services offer a traditional service but with a modern approach. We promote 'prevention rather than cure'. We endeavour to help make our farm clients more efficient and hence more profitable whilst at the same time striving towards the highest welfare standards.

  • Routine fertility visits (Dairy and Beef)
  • Herd/flock health plans (inlcuding SAC animal health planning system) and disease accreditation (PCHS)
  • Metabolic profiling – dairy herds and flocks pre-lambing
  • Ultrasound scanners for pregnancy diagnosis with battery capability ie no need for mains power
  • Bull and Ram breeding soundness examinations including electro-ejaculation
  • Lameness investigation and hoof trimming
  • BVD eradication

Small Animals

NellieOur Small Animal Practices offer everything you can expect from a first-opinion-practice.

  • Internal medicine - including in-house bloods, digital xray and ultrasound
  • Dermatology work-up - including in-house microscopy, allergy testing
  • Routine operations - including castrations, spays and lump removals
  • Dentistry - including dental hygiene and extractions
  • Orthopedic evaluation and surgical treatment of joint injuries and bone fractures.


urs horseBesides routine first opinion cases and vaccinations, our equine vets are equipped to provide the following services:

  • Respiratory Tract Evaluation - including Upper Airway Endoscopy
  • Lameness Evaluation and Diagnosis and Investigation of Back Pain - including portable digital x-ray and ultrasonography
  • Prepurchase Examinations
  • Dentistry - including motorised floating
  • Management of Reproductive disorders - Routine pregnancy scanning, monitoring of high risk pregnancies and artifical insemination
  • Foal Care - including stable side IgG testing
  • Evaluation of skin disease and microscopy
  • Internal medicine work-up (chronic weight loss/poor performance/Colic) including in-house blood machines

We are also available 24 hours a day for emergencies.